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Intergenerational Connections

Intergenerational Week Poster

In June 2003, the Florida Legislature designated the first week of December as Intergenerational week in Florida. Intergenerational programs and activities bring together different generations to share experiences, and to develop an appreciation of the contributions each group brings to our communities. The Department of Elder Affairs' Office of Volunteer and Community Services works with organizations, civic groups, schools, youth groups, faith entities, and others to highlight the importance of intergenerational and multigenerational activities and programs in the development of children and the quality of life of elders. According to the United States Census Bureau, between 1990 and 2000 the percent of children living in multigenerational households increased from 7.3 percent to 9.6 percent in the United States. The interaction between generations increases the appreciation of the contributions each age group provides in our communities. Children are more likely to reach a healthy, productive adulthood if they live in a household with additional caring adults. For more information about activities, as well as programs celebrating Intergenerational relationships please contact Janice Harvey, Director, Volunteer & Community Services at harveyja@elderaffairs.org or (850) 414-2097.

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