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Notices of Instruction 2003

Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

December 2003 - Notices


Eldercare Locator Service (Notice#: 120903-1-I-OVCS)


November 2003 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: FL Senate 2003-04 Interim Work Program Report (Notice#: 110503-1-T-OS)


Notice of Transmittal: Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (Notice#: 111303-1-T-OVCS)


LIHEAP Awareness Campaign (Notice#: 111303-2-I-SWCBS)



Brochure 03sp

Surplus/Deficit Report for SFY 2003-2004 (Notice#: 111403-1-I-SWCBS)

Surplus Deficit Example

October 2003 - Notices


Sunshine for Seniors Work Plan and Budget (Notice#: 100103-1-I-OVCS)


Notice of Transmittal: Telehealth Program (Notice#: 100203-1-T-OVCS)


Notice of Transmittal: National Family Caregivers Month (Notice#: 100203-2-T-SWCBS)


APS FY 2003 Referrals (Notice#: 100703-1-I-SWCBS)

APS Referrals-10-1-1-PSA 01

Regional Consultation Workshops (Notice#: 100803-1-I-OVCS)

Workshops 100 803

2003 Best Practices Exchange (Notice#: 101303-1-I-OVCS)

PDF Package

Registration Form

2003-04 Nutrition Services Incentive Program Co (Notice#: 091903-1-I-SWCBS)



Notice of Transmittal: New Elder Update Editor (Notice#: 101603-1-T-OC)


Older Americans Act Agreement Draft for 2004 (Notice#: 101603-1-I-CFM)

Calendar of Events

OOA Agreement - 2004 Draft 101303

2004 C.I.A.

2004 Form C.II.B

OAA 2004 Continuation 2003 Grant Award

FFY 2004 Area Plan Update Requirements (Notice#: 101603-2-I-PE)

2004 Area Plan Package

Use of Department Logo (Notice#: 102103-1-I-OC)

DOEA 2 Color

DOEA Greyscale

Revised Assisted Living for the Elderly Waiver (Notice#: 102403-2-I-SWCBS)


Imminent Risk Referrals (Notice#: 102403-1-I-PE)

701A - Prioritization Form 10-03

701B - Assessment Form 10-03

701C- Cong Meals Asmt 10-03

Notice of Transmittal: MyFloridaMarketPlace-Vendor Registration (Notice#: 103003-1-T-CFM)


September 2003 - Notices


Florida's Alzheimer's Center & Research Institute (Notice#: 092403-1-T-OVCS)

Application Guidelines

APS Exception Reports (Notice#: 092503-1-T-SWCBS)


Medicaid Waiver Reports (Notice#: 092503-2-T-SWCBS)


August 2003 - Notices


LAN Administrator Training/Workshop (Notice#: 080103-1-I-MIS)

Training Agenda

Revised CCE Prioritization Requirements (Notice#: 080703-1-I-OVCS)


Surplus/(Deficit) Report for SFY 2003-2004 (Notice#: 080703-2-I-OFCM)

Surplus Deficit Form

Information Systems CIRTS Updates (Notice#: 080803-1-I-MIS)

CIRTS Updates

LSP Allocation and Administrative Allowance (Notice#: 082003-2-T-SWCBS)

Local Services Programs

Medicaid Waiver Expected Encumbered Reports (Notice#: 082903-1-I-SWCBS)












Care Plan Review Procedures (Notice#: 082903-2-I-SWCBS)

Florida Medicaid Aged / Disabled Waiver Average Monthly Service Costs per Client

July 2003 - Notices


Intergenerational Connections Rollout (Notice#: 070103-1-T-OVCS)


Pseudo ID Numbers (Notice#: 070903-1-P-SWCBS)


FFY 2003 Older Americans Act Transfer of Funds Between Titles (Notice#: 071403-1-I-CFM)

Tran between Titles PSA1

Tran between Titles PSA2

Tran between Titles PSA3

Tran between Titles PSA4

Tran between Titles PSA5

Tran between Titles PSA6

Tran between Titles PSA7

Tran between Titles PSA8

Tran between Titles PSA9

Tran between Titles PSA10

Tran between Titles PSA11

Request for 2004 Legislative Proposals (Notice#: 072203-1-I-LA)

2004 Request for Legislative Proposal (Blank Form)

Elder Helpline Promotions (Notice#: 072903-1-I-OVCS)


June 2003 - Notices


Information Systems Updates and New Reporting Environment available for 2004 (Notice#: 060603-1-I-MIS)

CIRTS Corrections

Co-Pay Projections for 2003-2004 (Notice#: 060903-1-I-SWCBS)


Announcing an Administration on Aging funded “Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professionals” Training Conference (Notice#: 061003-1-T-SWCBS)

Press Release

Workshop Leaders Training Conference

Application to Attend

Maximization of Local Funding Opportunities (Notice#: 061203-1-I-SWCBS)

Community Assistance Programs

Application for Federal Assistance (Notice#: 061703-1-I-SWCBS)

Anticipated Slot Distribution

Medicaid Waiver Exception Reports (Notice#: 062003-1-I-SWCBS)


Required On-Site Assessments  (Notice#: 062303-1-I-SWCBS)


Medicaid Waiver Conference Calls  (Notice#: 062303-2-T-SWCBS)


Training for: AAA Fiscal Officers, Lead Agencies, Provider Agencies And Medicaid Waiver Specialists (Notice#: 062503-1-I-CFM)

Agenda for AAA Fiscal Officers and Medicaid Waiver Specialist

May 2003 - Notices


Information and Assistance Satisfaction Survey   (Notice#: 051303-1-T-SWCBS)

Cont. Contract GR Fund Levels

Preliminary Information for the FFY 2004 Area Plan Requirements (Notice#: 051603-1-I-PE)

Section 307(8)(A)

Request for Information on Elderly Substance Abuse Programs In Your Area   (Notice#: 052103-1-I-OVCS)


April 2003 - Notices


2003 Golden Choices Volunteer Awards (Notice#: 040103-1-I-OVCS)

Checklist for Golden Choices

Sponsorship Form

Use of Co-payments in Community Care for the Elderly (Notice#: 040803-1-I-OS)

AAA - Use of Copay

Use of Voluntary Contributions

Disaster Preparedness (Notice#: 040903-1-I-CFM)



HIPAA Computer Access Issues (Notice#: 041103-2-PC-MIS) http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/english/hipaa_access.php


HIPAA Requirements (Notice#: 041103-1-I-CFM)


Continuity of Operations Plan (Notice#: 041503-1-I-CFM)


Grants Available for Dementia Day Program (Notice#: 041603-1-T-SWCBS)


2003 Older Americans Act Allocation and 2001 & 2002 Older Americans Act Carry Forward (Notice#: 041603-2-T-SWCBS)

Population 2003

2003 OAA Services/Admin Alloc.

2003 OAA Carry Forward

Florida State Plan on Aging, Revised December 2002 (Notice#: 041703-1-T-PE)

Final State Plan on Aging

AAA Submission of Monthly Invoices (Notice#: 041803-1-I-SWCBS)


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Update (Notice#: 042203-1-T-OC)

SARS Update

DCF and DOEA Joint Meeting (Notice#: 042803-1-I-SWCBS)


March 2003 - Notices


2003-2004 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 031003-1-I-SWCBS)

2003-04 EHEAP Application

Disaster Preparedness (Notice#: 032403-1-I-DP)

Disaster Preparedness

SHINE Awards for 2003/2004 (Notice#: 032703-1-I-OVCS)


Information and Assistance Satisfaction Survey (Notice#: 032703-2-I-OVCS)

IA4 Instructions

IA4 Log book

IA4 Survey

Unit Cost Methodology Spreadsheets and Instructions (Notice#: 032803-1-I-AS)

Contract Admin Unit Cost Instructions

Unit Cost Spreadsheet

February 2003 - Notices


2002-2003 EHEAP Contract;  2003-2004 EHEAP Contract (Notice#: 020303-1-I-SWCBS)

Weather-Related / Supply-Shortage Assistance Program Directives

February 2003 Monitoring (Notice#: 021303-1-I-SWCBS)


(Revised)2002-2003 EHEAP Contract; 2003-2004 EHEAP Contract (Notice#: 021703-1-I-SWCBS)

Summary of Initial Award, Additional Award in August 2002 and February 2003

Contract Allocation for Contracts Beginning March 1, 2003

Weather-Related / Supply-Shortage Assistance Program Directives

Standard Contract

Standard Contract Changes


February 2003 Monitoring (Notice#: 022003-1-I-SWCBS)


APS Exception Reports (Notice#: 022403-1-I-SWCBS)


Nurse Registries (Notice#: 022403-2-I-SWCBS)


January 2003 - Notices


Notice of Termination, Suspension or Reduction in Services (Notice#: 010303-1-I-SWCBS)

Model Notice AAA

Medicaid Waiver Spending Authority (Notice#: 010603-1-PC-SWCBS)

Medicaid Waiver Management Plan

AOA National Family Caregiver Support Program Survey (Notice#: 010903-1-I-SWCBS)

NFCSP Review

Information about Regional Meetings for Shrimpers (Notice#: 011503-1-I-SWCBS)


Proposed Policy Change – Care Plan Review Protocol for Aged and Disabled Adults (ADA) Home and Community-Based Medicaid Waiver Services (Notice#: 011603-1-I-SWCBS)

Draft ADA Care Plan Review

ADA Average Care Plan Costs

Older American's Act Report Instructions (Notice#: 011603-2-I-SWCBS)

2002 OAA Report

Announcing an Administration on Aging funded “Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professionals” Training Conference (Notice#: 012803-1-T-SWCBS)

Press Release

Fact Sheet

Application for Conference

Training for AAA (Notice#: 013103-1-I-CFM)


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