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Notices of Instruction 2004

Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

December 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: ARC Implementation Guidelines (Notice#: 120204-1-T-PE)

Guidelines Final

Notice of Transmittal: Hurricane Grant Program (Notice#: 121604-1-T-OS)


Emergency Hurricane Relief Program (Notice#: 121704-1-T-OCFM)


Notice of Transmittal: Evaluation Criteria for ARC/ADRC Transition Plans (Notice#: 122304-1-T-PE)

ARC Plan Evaluation Criteria

Notice of Policy Clarification: Relative to the provision of direct service (Notice#: 122704-1-P)


November 2004 - Notices


Aging Out Clientele, October 2004 (Notice#: 110104-1-I-SWCBS)


Guidelines for Preparing Proposals to Transition to Aging (Notice#: 110104-3-I-PE)

Implementation Plan Final (PDF)

ARC Instructions (WORD)

ARC Template (WORD)

Notice of Transmittal: Announcing Meeting to Discuss Draft Guidelines for Implement (Notice#: 110104-2-T-PE)


Notice of Policy Clarification: Relative to the designation of Lead (Notice#: 111004-1-PC-SWCBS)


NAPIS Reporting FFY 2004 (Notice#: 111604-1-I-PE)

AoA Report 2004 (WORD)

Review & Monitoring Procedures for Selected PSAs (Notice#: 111904-1-I-CFM)


October 2004 - Notices


Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne (Notice#: 101104-1-I-OCFM)

Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne Service Tracking Log (Excel)

Notice of Transmittal: 2004 Best Practices (Notice#: 102104-1-T-OVCS)

Request for Proposal - Registration Packet (PDF 1.4 MB)

September 2004 - Notices


Hurricane Frances (Notice#: 090804-1-I-DS)

Hurricane Frances Service Tracking Log (Excel)

Use of Additional 2004 Nutrition Services Incentive Prog (Notice#: 091404-1-I-SWCBS )

2003/04 PSA Meal Projection (Excel)

August 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: CARES Imminent Risk Exception Reports (Notice#: 080304-1-T-SWCBS)


SHINE Supplemental Grant Availability (Notice#: 080304-2-I-OVCS)

Supplemental Grant Narrative


CCE Contracts for SFY 04-05 (Notice#: 080404-1-I-LA)


Notice of Transmittal: Transitioning Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 081204-1-I-SWCBS)

60th Birthday List

Interagency Agreement

Amendment to FFY 2005 Are Plan Instructions and Forms (Notice#: 081704-1-I-PE)

revised2005 Program Module

Revised2005 Program Instructions

Revised2005 Contract Instructions

Revised2005 Contract Forms

2005 Revised Area Plan Fiscal Pages

2005 C.II.A

Changes to the Area Plan Instructions Released July 2004

Notice of Transmittal: 2004-05 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program Info (Notice#: 081804-1-T-SWCBS)

EHEAP Technical Assistance 2004

Notice of Transmittal: Paid Claims Query Tool (Notice#: 082004-1-T-SWCBS)


Hurricane Charley (NOTICE: 082604-1-I-DS)

Hurricane Charley Service Tracking Log

Notice of Transmittal: FL Single Audit Act - Audit Threshold Change  (NOTICE: 083004-1-T-OCFM)


Meal and Nutrient Analysis Requirements  (NOTICE: 083004-2-I-SWCBS)

Sample Meal Pattern

Dietary Reference Intakes for Older Adults (PDF)

Nutrient Values for Meal Planning and Evaluation

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (PDF)

Nutrient Analysis Software Chart

July 2004 - Notices


Request for 2005 Legislative Proposals (Notice#: 070204-1-I-LegAff)

2005 Request for Legislative Proposal (Blank Form)

APS Referral Tracking Tool (Notice#: 071304-1-I-SWCBS)


FFY 2005 Area Plan Instructions and Forms and Area Plan Training (Notice #: 071304-2-I-PE)

2005 Changes

2005 C.II.A&B

2005 Contract Forms

2005 Contract Instructions

2005 Program Module Forms

2005 Program Instructions

2005 C.I.A-G

Notice of Transmittal: Revised Medicaid Waiver Agreements (Notice#: 071904-1-T-SWCBS)

S005 Revised Referral Agreements IIA. IIB. IIIA. IIIB

Notice of Transmittal: Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (Notice#: 072704-1-T-OC)


Notice of Transmittal: 2004-2005 Approved Operating Budget (Notice#: 073004-1-T-OCFM)


June 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: 2004 Outcome Measures Notebook (Notice#: 061104-1-T-PE)

Outcome Notebook

Outcomes Measures Notebook

Training and Direct Services Waiver Process (Notice#: 061104-2-I-PE)


Notice of Transmittal: Medicaid Waiver Specialist Training Meeting (Notice#: 061104-3-T-SWC)


Notice of Transmittal: Revised Report Format for SPR (Notice#: 061104-4-T-OVCS)

SPR Modified Form

APS Referral Tracking Tool (Notice#: 061404-1-I-SWCBS)


Notice of Policy Clarification: 2004 Monitoring Plan (Notice#: 061504-1-PC-SWCBS)

The Timetable

AMENDED Training and Direct Services Waiver Process (Notice#: 061104-2)


Notice of Transmittal: Medicaid Waiver Specialist Monitoring Tools (Notice#: 062504-1-T-SWC)

ALE Case File Review Tool

ADA Case File Review Tool

FFY2004 OAA Transfer of Funds Between Titles (Notice#: 062904-1-I-OCFM)

Tran Between Titles PSA1

Tran Between Titles PSA2

Tran Between Titles PSA3

Tran Between Titles PSA4

Tran Between Titles PSA5

Tran Between Titles PSA6

Tran Between Titles PSA7

Tran Between Titles PSA8

Tran Between Titles PSA9

Tran Between Titles PSA10

Tran Between Titles PSA11

May 2004 - Notices


PSA Profile and Needs Assessment Requirements for FFY2005 Area Plans (Notice#: 051904-1-I-PE)

Profile and Needs of the Planning and Service Area

Notice of Transmittal: Preliminary Info for FFY2005 Area Plan Development (Notice#: 050704-1-T-PE)


CORRECTION: Claims Accuracy Audit (Notice#: 051204-1-I-SWCBS)


April 2004 - Notices


Intergenerational Connections and Family Literacy (Notice#: 040204-1-I-OVCS)


Provider E-Mail List (Notice#: 040804-1-I-OC)


Notice of Transmittal: Application of Federal Assistance (Notice#: 041204-1-T-SWCBS)

2004 SCSEP Info

App Fed Assist

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Referrals (Notice#: 041904-1-P-SWCBS)

Agencies with AMH

March 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Florida Senior Safety Resource Center (Notice # 030304-1-T-OVCS)


Notice of Transmittal: DOEA Consumer Resource Guide (Notice#: 031204-2-T-PE)


Notice of Transmittal: Care Plan Review Protocol Meeting (Notice#: 031204-1-T-OS)


Revised Co-pay Forms and Instructions (Notice#: 031904-2-I-SWCBS)

January 04 Financial Eligibility Standards

2004 Co-Pay Schedule-Attachment A

Co-Pay Worksheet-Attachment B

Co-Pay Worksheet Instructions- Attachment C


2004 Approved OAA Allocation (Notice#: 031904-3-I-SWCBS)

Population for 2004 OAA

OAA 2004 Svcs Adm Alloca March

2004 Monitoring Plan (Notice#: 031904-1-I-SWCBS)

Full Review 2004 V2

Monitoring 2004 R2

2004 Mon Summary

2004 Older Americans Month Calendar of Events (Notice#: 032604-1-I-OC)

2004 OAM Calendar of Events

Notice of Transmittal: Statewide Aging I & R Steering Body (Notice#: 031904-2-T-OVCS)


February 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Notice of Privacy Practices (Notice# 020304-1-T-OFCM)

NOI for Changing NPP

Master Agreement (Notice#: 020604-1-I-OCFM)

Master Agreement 2004_Draft

Care Plan Review Protocol (Notice#: 021204-1-I-SWCBS)


CARE PLed Work

Advanced Directive Seminar (Notice# 021304-1-I-LA)


Notice of Transmittal: 2004-2005 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 022504-1-T-SWCBS)

2004-05 EHEAP APP

January 2004 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Communities for a Lifetime Update (Notice#: 010204-1-T-OC)

CFAL Overview with Best Practices Fall 2003 to AAA

Assessment Resolutions

Communities for a Lifetime Update 0104

Sunshine for Seniors (SFS) Implementation (Notice#: 010204-2-I-OVCS)


Title IIIE Reporting Requirements (Notice#: 0711803-1-I-PE)

Rev Title IIIE Caregiver Reporting Form

Memo Draft IIIE Reporting Requirements

Older Americans Act Report Instructions (Notice#: 011204-1-I-PE)

AoA Report 2003 Final

Notice of Policy Clarification: Imminent Risk Referrals (Notice#: 102403-1-I-PE)

NOI Clarif Memo IRR Implementation Memo

Notice of Transmittal: National Family Caregiver Support Program (Notice#: 011504-1-T-OVCS)


2004 Golden Choices Volunteer Awards (Notice#: 012004-1-I-OVCS)

Agency Checklist - GC 2004

Sponsorship Form

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