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Notices of Instruction 2006

Unless specified otherwise, the entries listed below in the "Notices" section are Notices of Instruction.

December 2006 - Notices


Revised 2007 Area Plan Update Requirements (Notice#: 120506-1-I-PE)

List of Clarifications on the Area Plan Instructions

2007 C.I.A-C.I.G.&C.II.B.

2007 C.II.A._1.

Form C.V.C.

Draft Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines (Notice#: 121306-1-I-OVCS)

CCE RFP guidelines

Incentive Compensation and Administrative Budget Documentation (Notice#: 121506-1-I-OVCS)


November 2006 - Notices


2007 Area Plan Update Requirements
(Notice#: 110806-1-I-PE)

2007 C.I.A-C.I.G. & C.II.B.

2007 C.II.A.

2007 Cont Mod Forms

2007 Cont Mod Inst

2007 Prog Mod Forms

2007 Prog Mod Instuction

List of Changes

October 2006 - Notices


Clarification of Nutrition Program Requirements (Notice#: 100506-1-I-OVCS)

Nutrition Program Compliance Review revision 0906

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 100906-1-I-SWCBS)


September 2006 - Notices


Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 092106-1-I-OVCS)

Table of Contents

Final State Plan LIHEAP Full 2007

August 2006 - Notices


Notice of Transmittal: Request for Feedback on Legal Needs Assessment survey instrument (Notice#: 080106-1-T-DS)

FL Legal 072506 Final

CARES 3008 Completion by Physician (Notice#: 080406-1-I-SWCBS)

CF-MED3008,Combined 1

CF-MED3008P.2, Oct.05

Transportation Disadvantaged Services/ Actual Expenditure Report for 2005-2006 and Annual Budget Estimate Report for 2006-2007 (Notice#: 082306-1-I-OVCS)


AER Form State Agencies

Instructions-TD NOI

Congregate Meal Assessment (701C) Test (Notice#: 082806-1-I-OVCS)

Equipment and Property Disposition (Notice#: 083106-1-I-OVCS)


July 2006 - Notices


Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 071206-1-I-SWCBS)

Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 071406-1-I-OVCS)

EHEAP Application

EHEAP Application Instructions

EHEAP Technical Assistance

DOEA Intranet Changes (Notice#: 071706-1-I-SWCBS)

June 2006 - Notices


Imminent Risk Survey (Notice#: 60506-1-I-SWCBS)

Imminent Risk Survey

Application for Federal Assistance (Notice#: 061406-1-I-OVCS)

2006 Geographical Areas AAA


Transition 0607 Initiative (Notice#: 062106-1-I-SWCBS)


SHINE CMS Grant and Contracts (Notice#: 062306-1-I-DS)


FFY 2006 OAA Transfer of Funds Between Titles (Notice#: 062706-1-I-OCFM)


Community Care for the Elderly (CCE) Bid Process (Notice#: 062706-2-I-OVCS)


Assessed Priority Consumer List (APCL) (Notice#: 062906-1-I-OVCS)


May 2006 - Notices


Area Assessment Training Teams (Notice#: 050306-1-I-OVCS)

Area Training Team Document

AAA Activities related to the installation of the Integrated CIRTS/CMS software application (Notice#: 050406-1-I-MIS)


Monitoring/Audit Follow-Up and Corrective Action Implementation (Notice#: 050906-1-I-OCFM)


2006 Co-Pay Information (Notice#: 051506-1-I-OVCS)

SSI-Related Programs

2006 Co-Pay Attachment A

2006 Co-Pay Worksheet-Attachment B

2006 Co-Pay Worksheet Instructions- Attachment C

April 2006 - Notices


Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 040306-1-I-OVCS)

EHEAP Technical Assistance - 2006

Aging Out Clientele (Notice#: 040606-1-I-SWCBS)


Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information Clarification (Notice#: 041306-1-I-OVCS)

EHEAP Technical Assistance -2006

2005-06 EHEAP APP

March 2006 - Notices


2006 OAA Allocation and Population Data (Notice#: 030106-1-I-OVCS)

OAA 2006 Population

OAA 2006 Svcs Adm Allocation

Clarification of Criminal History Background Checks (Notice#: 030706-1-I-LA)

Revised Background Check Policy

Food Manager Certification Requirement Clarification (Notice#: 031006-1-I-OVCS)


Fiscal Year End Processing (Notice#: 033106-1-I-OVCS)


February 2006 - Notices


Medicaid Fair Hearing (Notice#: 021406-1-I-OCFM)

NOI Fair Hearing Attachment

Registered Dieticians (Notice#: 021606-1-I-OVCS)


ARTT Exception Reports (Notice#: 021606-1-I-SWCBS)


Notice of Transmittal: New Nursing Home Diversion Waiver Reports (Notice#: 021706-1-T-SWCBS)


January 2006 - Notices


Criminal History Background Checks (Notice#: 011906-1-I-OCFM)

DOEA 550.20 Background Checks

National Legal Training Project (Notice#: 012506-1-I-OS)

2006 FL Pred. Lending Agenda

Notice - FL Ethical Respon. Training

Notice - FL Pred. and Consumer Lending

2006 FL Ethical Resp. Agenda

ARTT Exception Reports (Notice#: 012606-1-I-SWCBS)

ARTT News Jan. 06

Food Manager Certification Requirement (Notice#: 013006-1-I-OVCS)


Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) Information (Notice#: 013106-1-I-OVCS)

Income Benefits Matrix FFY 2006-2007 LIHEAP Protected

FY 2006 LIHEAP Final

2005-06 EHEAP APP

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