Hope Florida – A Pathway to Purpose

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The Department of Elder Affairs is proud to be part of Hope Florida – A Pathway to Purpose, First Lady Casey DeSantis’ exciting initiative that breaks down traditional community silos to maximize resources and uncover opportunities by using the private sector, faith-based community, nonprofits, and government entities to support older Floridians in need of help.

Need Help?

Hope Navigators work to equip seniors and their caregivers with assistance in identifying and overcoming barriers to identify needs and develop a path to purpose to ensure elders have an enhanced quality of life and are aging in the place of their choice. To get connected to a Hope Navigator, call 850-300-HOPE or email us at information@elderaffairs.org.  

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Want to Help?

You can get involved in Hope Florida – A Pathway to Purpose by becoming a Hope Hero! Hope Heroes volunteer their time and services to help members in their community. 

The Hope Heroes Program is a collaborative effort, spearheaded by First Lady Casey DeSantis and administered through the Department of Elder Affairs, to fulfil special needs that can’t always be met through traditional means. 

Examples of missions for Hope Heroes include:

  • Providing companionship to vulnerable populations to combat isolation and loneliness, which may include playing games, reading, mentoring, or simply talking;
  • Participating in Pen Pals for Seniors by creating cards, letters, and care packages for seniors in long-term care or adult day center settings;
  • Providing disaster recovery assistance, like working in evacuation shelters, after a unexpected event;
  • Assisting at locations like senior centers and adult day cares with activities for residents;
  • And more – as needs to support vulnerable people arise, Hope Heroes will be activated and deployed.

The Department encourages retirees and older Floridians to give back to their community by becoming a Hope Hero. Seniors helping others creates a clear pathway to purpose and enhances everyone’s quality of life. Once you sign up, begin watching your emails for volunteer opportunities!

Hurricane Season is Here – Volunteers Needed

Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30. The Department is recruiting Hope Heroes to be ready to support seniors before and after a hurricane strikes. What does disaster assistance look like as a Hope Hero?

  • Loading and unloading sandbags before a storm
  • Working in special needs shelters to provide assistance to seniors
  • Helping older residents put shutters on their home
  • Distributing food and materials to seniors before and after a storm
  • Assisting with minor yard debris clean up

Sign up today so you can be ready to help as soon as the need arises!

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