Hope Florida – A Pathway to Purpose

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The Department of Elder Affairs is proud to be part of Hope Florida – A Pathway to Purpose, First Lady Casey DeSantis’s exciting initiative that breaks down traditional community silos to maximize resources and uncover opportunities by using the private sector, faith-based community, nonprofits, and government entities to support older Floridians in need of help.

Need Help?

Hope Navigators work to equip seniors and their caregivers with assistance in identifying and overcoming barriers to identify needs and develop a path to purpose to ensure elders have an enhanced quality of life and are aging in the place of their choice. To get connected to a Hope Navigator, call 850-300-HOPE or email us at information@elderaffairs.org.  

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Want to Help?

Florida needs our seniors! 

Seniors are the ideal mentor. They play an essential role by using lived experiences and sage wisdom to help other families in their communities succeed and thrive. Seniors are our communities’ trusted advisors, and First Lady Casey DeSantis’s Hope Florida initiative wants to harness that knowledge and energy to help others! 

We are proud to be part of the First Lady’s Hope Florida initiative at the Department of Elder Affairs. We rely a great deal on amazing senior volunteers to help serve and protect our families in Florida, and we are grateful to engage these volunteers so they may offer hope and help to others. Our mentors are called Hope Heroes and can volunteer at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Working with young people and individuals with unique abilities: As a Hope Hero, you will mentor Floridians with unique abilities and youth transitioning from foster care to independent living, offering wisdom and life experiences to help guide young people and families toward sustained success in their lives.

Not ready to mentor? You can still volunteer by meeting real-time needs through CarePortal: Individual volunteers and faith-based organizations can help meet crisis needs in their local communities, like bringing a warm meal to a foster family, providing tangible donations to keep biological families united, and much more through CarePortal.

Supporting seniors: Retirees can serve seniors in need across Florida by visiting those who are homebound, isolated or in need of support.

How to Become a Hope Hero:

  • First, sign up as a Hope Hero through our online form or call us at 1-800-96-ELDER.
  • Once you will fill out an application, we’ll begin to contact you with opportunities.
  • If you’re able to volunteer for a particular opportunity, we’ll provide you with all the details necessary to start your good work. 

Already a volunteer with another group? Great! The purpose of Hope Heroes is to connect volunteers with opportunities to support a variety of populations in our state.

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