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Map files for use in mapviewer software (GoogleEarth recommended):

Florida ENI Maps 2019.kmz

Statewide Supplemental Maps 2019.kmz

Statewide Extra Features 2019.kmz

Aging Network and Partners 2019.kmz

Note: Statewide files are very large. (Interactive map files and extra features are available separately for faster download.)

ENI and Additional Factor Map Files

Listed in the menu are statewide map files, as well as maps that are clipped to only show a specific Planning and Service Area (PSA). Select the desired file, then right click on the link, and select download and unzip the file. (All file formats are compressed KMZs.)

If detailed instructions on how to unzip a compressed file are needed, download the 2018 Elder Needs Index Methodology, Instructions, and User Guide and go to the section titled “How to download and unzip the compressed ENI project files.”

Once a viewing software has been selected and installed on the computer, locate and open the folder with the downloaded KMZ file, and drag and drop the file into the open map viewing space.

Eni Map Files Clip Image003

Depending on a computer’s processing speed, the map may take a minute or so to open. (Do not be alarmed if the map does not open right away, and refrain from trying to open the map again. This will cause the KMZ file to open in viewer for a second time and there will be multiples of every layer!)

ENI Maps Methodology and User Guides & Calculations

The 2018 Elder Needs Index (ENI) Methodology, Instructions, and User Guide is available for use in installing, customizing, and interpreting the information presented in these maps. Note, these maps are available for public use, with the request that users please properly cite the “Florida Department of Elder Affairs, 2018 ENI” when using versions of these maps in materials.

2018 DOEA Elder Needs Index Methodology, Instructions, and User Guide (PDF)

Select and install viewing software

Mapping and viewing software will need to be installed on your computer to be able to view the map files. Files can be viewed and modified in ArcGIS, as well as Google Earth Pro. Google Earth Pro is free to install, has been tested, and performs well with viewing the 2018 DOEA Elder Needs Index files (KMZ format), so the examples shown here are generated in Google Earth Pro. This software has several readily accessible extra feature layers that are built into the program, such as airport locations, pharmacies, grocery stores, police stations, and local businesses, traffic and weather updates, etc. Detailed instructions for using Google Earth Pro are included in the 2018 DOEA Elder Needs Index Methodology, Instructions, and User Guide.

Download time for large map files and viewing software varies according to computer system and internet speed. If slow internet connection is an issue, consider downloading the state maps and extra features separately.

Download Google Earth:

Software and Map File Download Instruction Video

“If your browser does not support embedded video, please download the video here. Transcript of the video is available here.”