Senior Health and Wellness Program

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The Department encourages seniors to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles to live a better, fuller life. Disease prevention and health promotion services are offered to Florida seniors through the Older Americans Act, Title III D program. These services are offered through various evidence-based interventions, so seniors can maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives. For more information about OAA Title III D, please visit: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Programs (Older Americans Act Title III D)

Volunteer Opportunities

With the nation’s largest concentration of residents age 65 and older, Florida relies on a network of committed volunteers and dedicated professionals to deliver support and services.

DOEA and the aging networks foster an environment where seniors can thrive, grow, and engage in civic opportunities.  

Within DOEA, the Office of Volunteer and Community Services identifies, recognizes, promotes, and provides technical assistance for volunteer-based programs across the state of Florida.  In one year, 1,161,466 elder Floridians contributed nearly 130 million volunteer hours. Calculated at a full 40 hours per week, this volunteer contribution is equivalent to 67,481 full-time positions

Intergenerational Connections

As a component of the Department of Elder Affairs efforts to encourage Livable Communities, DOEA recognizes the projected increase in the number of Florida retirees and the benefits of social interaction between elders and youth. Intergenerational programs are social vehicles that provide unique opportunities for different generations to come together to share experiences, skills, and knowledge that are reciprocally beneficial and foster positive long-term relationships. We partner with schools, civic organizations, and local intergenerational programs to highlight these great opportunities.

The Intergenerational Connection goal is to encourage each community to explore ways to engage and implement meaningful connections that reflects the contribution of civic, educational, and cultural programs and activities of life experiences in bridging the gap.  If we can improve the standing of older adults in society, and nurture what they can bring through intergenerational connections, then we can achieve a better community with a better quality of life for all ages.

For more information about activities, as well as programs for volunteering and intergenerational relationships please contact the Office of Volunteer & Community Services at 850-414-2097.

Florida’s Senior Centers

In Florida, approximately 260 senior centers are operated by a variety of host organizations, such as private non-profit organizations, municipal governments, county governments, and other types of organizations. Senior centers are highly visible focal points within their communities and offer programs and services for older individuals in five main categories: health (including mental health), social, nutritional, educational and recreational.

Senior Centers in Your Area

To contact a senior center near you, call the Elder Helpline at 1-800-96-ELDER or 1-800-963-5337.