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Training modules are designed by primary job functions and target teaching the skills needed to accomplish daily tasks. For more information, please read the Module Overview document available here.

Not sure which module(s) you should take?  Read the FAQs here.

For questions about training, contact the training team at This account is monitored daily by the eCIRTS training team.

Florida eCIRTS Training Manual

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Clearing Site Data in eCIRTS

eCIRTS PowerPoint Presentation – FCOA 2022

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Training Handouts:

Handout for Module 1

Handout for Module 2

Handout for Module 3

Handout for Module 4

Handout for Module 5-A

Do You Know Who Your Super User Is?

Each PSA has a Super User who has been learning about and helping to shape eCIRTS from the ground up.

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